Welcome- first blog post!

Welcome to my blog!
I am a novice blogger starting out as a bit of a hobby and my blog will be mostly about cooking and recipes. I only really started paying attention to my cooking skills when I met my husband. Up until that point I had been incredibly lazy, doing the bare minimum, as is often the case for people who are cooking for one. There really wasn't any other excuse as I had half decent home-economics lessons, and I grew up in a home where cooking from scratch was standard.

As my husband was disabled and we were living long-distance in the early years, I started batch cooking for him so he would have easy meals while I was wasn't there. He was (and still is) an incredibly fussy eater! The upside was that I had to be creative and practise recipes that I hadn't tried before. I was very motivated as I had been pretty horrified by the fridge contents before my arrival. Let's just say that vegetables weren't really a feature!

So, I would now describe myself as an improving cook, learning new things all the time, and trying to perfect them. I'm not a technical whizz at all. I just thought it might be nice to share some of the things I'm learning and some of the recipes I have created and adapted.

My day job is as a teacher, so I'm not sure how often I will be able to post during term-time. We'll see!

If you're a cook just starting out, or an improving cook like me, follow along and perhaps we can help each other out. Post a comment and share how you got started or re-started with cooking.