13 Baking Recipes that Only Need One Egg

10 Baking Recipes that only need one egg- whenever you get that baking urge, or you need something sweet, and one egg is all you have, these recipes are just what you need!

I can't tell you how often I get the urge to bake something, go to find the ingredients and discover that I only have one egg. I then usually do a bit of searching online, get frustrated that I can't find anything and end up not baking at all. But now that I have this amazing list of one egg recipes, I can bake away to my heart's content with my one egg!

Why do we need eggs in baking?

Eggs are so important in baking- essentially they give the bake good structure and add moisture. Eve more importantly, the yolk of the egg helps bind ingredients together stop them from separating or splitting.

Can you replace eggs in baking?

Yes you can, many people with egg allergies or who are following a vegan diet, do this all the time. If you're doing it because you've just run out of eggs, be aware that the flavour of the baked goods you're making will be affected. A couple of examples that you can replace egg with:
  • half a mashed banana per egg 
  • 4 tbsp buttermilk per egg 
Now if you've still got that one egg and you want to get baking, try out the recipes below!

13 Baking Recipes That Only Need One Egg

If you have found yourself needing a recipe for a cake or cupcakes, or cookies, or dessert, with only one egg, this is the list you need.

One Egg Cookie Recipes

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies from Culinary Ginger
Not only do these peanut butter cookies only need one egg, they also have chocolate chips and can be ready in 20 minutes.

Coconut Oat Cookies from The Improving Cook
These one egg oaty cookies have a lovely coconut flavour and are incredibly easy to make.

Easy Magic Cookie Bars with Dates from Dani's Cookings
A bit of a departure from your standard cookie, these cookie bars are crammed full of nuts, dates and coconut and are so easy to make with just one egg.

Soft Cinnamon Cookies from Pastry and Beyond
This cookies are exactly as described, soft and with that beautiful cinnamon flavour (one of my favourites). For just one egg, you'll get a whopping 17 cookies!

One Egg Cake and Muffin Recipes

This one egg cake-like bread is deliciously moist and topped off with fresh plums and streusel. Plus Nicky says you can eat it for brunch- hooray!

This one egg bread is actually a cake, infused with tea and full of dried fruit. It absolutely begs to be served up with a good strong cup of tea.

Coffee? Check. Nutella? Check. Clever, secret way of getting the nutella right in the middle so it goes all oozy? Check! 

One Egg Cupcakes

These simple little vanilla cupcakes are topped off with vanilla bean icing but are also a great base cupcake for decorating for Easter, Halloween and other occasions.

If you're a huge ginger fan like me- then you need to get your one egg and immediately use it for these gingerlicious cupcakes. With ground ginger, stem ginger and a ginger syrup, you won't be complaining about lack of flavour!

One Egg Bite Sized Treats

These churros are bite sized and baked rather than fried; both bonuses on the calorie front. Not only are they made with just one egg, you can also make them with NO eggs, if you need to. You'll need this cup converter calculator if you're outside the US: The Calculator Site

These little raspberry bites are just 95 calories and perfect for buffets or post BBQ dessert nibbles.

One Egg Desserts

This gorgeous Spanish cheesecake has a croissant crust (I know- amazing!), but don't worry, you don't need need to make the crust from scratch. Croissant dough is available in the chiller cabinet of most UK supermarkets. See the recipe for details.

This chocolate cream pie is a gooey sensation. Silken tofu is one of the secret ingredients to make it a little healthier than your standard pie.

And there you have it- never be stuck for ideas when you only have one egg, ever again!


  1. This is such a great post! I've had this issue in the past. :) Thanks for including my tea bread!

    1. It was born of personal frustration! Thanks for sharing your recipe.


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