16 Egg-free baking recipes

16 Egg-free baking recipes- a selection of recipes that don't require eggs, often vegan and gluten free too! Cookies, cakes, desserts and muffins, all egg-free.
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How many times have you been bitten by the baking bug and then discovered that you have no eggs? Happens all the time to me- flour, sugar, chocolate, milk- always in stock in this house, but I often forget to buy eggs, or I eat them all for breakfast.... 

So what can you bake without eggs? Quite a lot it turns out! With the boom in interest in vegetarian and vegan cooking, there are now a huge selection of options. 

Have a look at the 16 recipes below and find the perfect cookie, brownie or cake for for when you don't have any eggs to hand!

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Egg Free Baking Recipes

Fudgy double chocolate cookies- 'rich, gooey and easy to make'.

Who doesn't love apple pie? This Swedish version is almost like an apple crumble in a pie- delicious and vegan too.

A soft and fluffy cake with optional chocolate, completely dairy free.

Water cake dusted with icing sugar and wrapped in brown paper

These muffins are vegan, but if you only need them to be egg free, you can use butter and traditional milk. Make sure you use the metric conversion button to get the UK measurements.

Egg Free chocolate chip muffins on greaseproof paper

5. Vegan Birthday Cake by Delicious Everyday

This beautiful birthday cake is vegan and the recipe post includes all the top tips and suggestions you could need. Make sure you use the metric conversion button in the recipe card to get the UK measurements.

Vegan birthday cake covered in sprinkles on a white plate

Use up your ripe bananas to make these chunky, oaty cookies. Healthier than your standard cookie and easy to make.

A delicious coffee sandwich cake made with aquafaba (chickpea water).

A rather decadent and brownie-like cake made without eggs or butter.

now day cake, sprinkled with icing sugar and with a slice taken out of it

Light citrus cupcakes made with olive oil.

Classic shortbread with added chocolate chips- a must have with a cup of tea!

A fruity tart filled with fresh nectarines and pine nuts and made with shop-bought puff pastry for ease.

A large nectarine tart next to a small one on a baking tray

Soft, chewy, chocolate chip cookies with no egg required.

Egg Free chocolate chip cookies laid in a row on a gold plate

14. Cinnamon Puff Pastry Rolls by Hint of Healthy

A puff pastry twist on a cinnamon roll, much easier and quicker to make and of course, no need for any eggs.

A simple chocolate dessert which makes its own gooey sauce.

Chocolate self-saucing pudding with a portion removed

And don't forget the savoury!

16. Easy Vegan Savoury Spinach Muffins by The Vegan Larder

Delicious little savoury breakfast muffins topped off with cherry tomatoes, lovely for a snack too.
Savoury Spinach  Muffins in a black muffin tray

So there you have it, 16 recipes you can bake without eggs. Hope you enjoy!


  1. These suggestions are great, my mum is Vegan and I really struggle to come up with ideas for when she's over!


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