18 Easter Treats that you need to make

A round-up of 18 Easter recipes, including Easter breads, Easter cakes, Easter desserts and other little, Easter treats.

Easter is full of all sorts of little treats, whether it's Easter eggs, hot cross buns or Easter nest cakes. There's always something delicious that you can make to celebrate. I have gathered together some really delicious recipes for cakes, breads, cheesecakes and other little treats. Find your own favourite treat in my list below and enjoy!

Easter Chocolates and Little Easter Treats

1. Mini Eggs Brownies by Little Sugar Snaps

Rich, dense and fudgy, these Chocolate Mini Egg Brownies are a simple and effective way of turning the humble brownie into a pretty Easter treat.

2. Easter Mini Egg Fudge by Nutmeg and Vinegar
Creamy, soft, delicious, old-fashioned fudge with mini eggs. You only need 6 ingredients and a little patience to make this mini egg fudge.

3. Vegan Creme Eggs by Baked by Clo
Chocolate Creme Eggs without dairy. These are easy to make with children and require no baking.

4. Mini Egg Marshmallow Crispy Treats by The Improving CookClassic Marshmallow Crispy Treats with Cadbury's Mini Eggs. Very easy to make with children.

5. Vegan Peanut Butter Eggs by Running on Real Food

Try making these little no-bake vegan treats- peanut butter eggs covered in chocolate and kept in the freezer.

Easter Breads

6. Flawless Hot Cross Buns by Flawless Food
Flawless Hot Cross Buns, perfect for Easter, but we love them all year round! Not only a favourite breakfast treat but also great for packed lunches or after school snacks too.

7. Easy Braided Italian Easter Bread- by Veggie Desserts
This traditional Italian braided Easter bread is a showstopping centrepiece. The light and fluffy sweet bread is very easy to make, but you'll need to give it time to rise. Step-by-step pictures are provided to help you make the perfect wreath.

8. Breadmaker Hot Cross Bun Loaf  by The Improving Cook
A hot cross bun style loaf that can be made in the breadmaker and then sliced and toasted. It's delicious for breakfast or an afternoon snack.

Easter Cakes and Muffins

9. Hot Cross Bun Muffins by Emma Eats and Explores
These hot cross bun muffins are the classic British Easter treat. Full of fruit and spices, they're best served toasted with plenty of butter.

10. Creme Egg Cake by Charlotte's Lively Kitchen
A very chocolatey chocolate cake, with smooth white chocolate buttercream and plenty of Cadbury Creme Eggs.

11. Carrot Cake Loaf by Pastry and Beyond
You can make this perfectly spiced carrot cake loaf with simple ingredients. You don't need a mixer to make this delicious treat.

12. Chocolate Orange Easter Nest Cake by The Improving Cook
A classic yellow layered sponge cake, filled with orange curd, covered in chocolate and topped off with Cadbury's flake and Cadbury's Mini Eggs.

Easter Desserts

13. Hot Cross Bun Ice Cream by Keep Calm and Eat Ice Cream

This hot cross bun ice cream is a yummy twist on traditional hot cross buns with a crunchy hot cross bun topping. It has all the wonderful spices you love in hot cross buns with plump sultanas and tangy mixed peel.

14. Mini Easter Cheesecakes by Cooking Journey
Easy, mini no-bake cheesecakes with Easter eggs inside. Fun and delicious Easter treat that kids will love.

15. Easter Egg Cheesecake by Amy Treasure Delicious Desserts
Easter egg meets cheesecake in this outrageously decadent dessert. Chocolate Easter egg shells coated with a crumbly Lotus Biscoff biscuit mixture and stuffed to the brim with a no-bake cheesecake filling.

Easter Biscuits

16. Easter Sugar Cookies by Anna Banana
Easter sugar cookies with royal icing, great for making with kids! Sweet, buttery and crisp cookies; an ideal addition to Easter baskets.

17. Italian Easter Cookies by Your Guardian Chef
These Italian Easter cookies are a tradition in the southern regions of Italy, they are easy to make and have different shapes. The perfect baking project to do with children. Click 'metric' in the recipe card to get the metric measurements.

18. Easter Oreos by Recipes from a Pantry
Easter Oreos are a fun and colourful treat that is not just perfect for Easter, but all sorts of special occasions. Chocolate dipped Oreo cookies are easy, affordable, and a hit with both kids and adults alike.


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